An Altcoin exchange operation is a transfer between wallets, which is included in the blockchain when executed. These Altcoin wallets have a secret fraction called a private key. These keys are used to sign the operations, which provide mathematical proof that the wallet owner carried out the process.

Once the transaction is confirmed, it is irreversible. It cannot be modified. All transactions are published among the network users. This confirmation has been executed a maximum of 10 minutes after the operation through Altcoin mining.

You can trade Altcoin anytime you want, because the system works 24 hours a day, seven days a week. One of the actions that have made the world of cryptocurrencies have more and more followers every day is adopting electronic commerce to this new economic system.

Market adaptation to this new mechanism

Almost everything that is offered in e-commerce, you can pay with Altcoin or with Bitcoin. The large corporations and the most important online stores on the Internet adapted their payment systems to accept the world's most important cryptocurrencies.

You can buy computer and electronic equipment, airline tickets, tickets to sports and artistic events, mass consumer products, and many other things, paying with the best Altcoins in the market.

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An ally for your investments

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