Female escorts provides the service of paid sex or companionship. The solicitation of those escort services has been shifted from streets to online websites. Female prostitution eye as a form of short term sexual strategy. Where men gain immediate, opportunistic sexual intercourse without commitment in exchange of money. Prostitutes who have traits that are highly valued by men are able to command the highest prices in the sexual marketplace.


Successful female sex workers have the understanding or awareness of traits and qualities male patrons seeks. And they are likely to tailor their fees of services according to the market.  


The physical charm of female/Toronto escort site is a principal factor of their mate value. Explicitly, men are attracted to sexually dimorphic and age-related traits that serve as an honest indicator of fertility and reproductive value. There are characteristics that men prefer when seeking a short-term copulating partner.  Body attractiveness depends on a number of factors including breast size, waist to hip ratio and body mass ratio.


Characteristics associated with attractive female bodies


In both long and short term mate selection, female WHR (waist to hip ratio) is a powerful sign in a mate choice. Men prefer women who display 0.7 WHR to be more attractive, healthy and reproductively valuable than those who deviate from that ratio in either direction. 


Age is another factor which is associated with the attractiveness of females. Female reproductive values decline with age and fertility peaks during every adulthood, so it is not a shock that males seem to possess evolved preferences for young, nubile females. Men tend to be more attractive to women aged between 20-25 years apparently because that is when fertility peaks in female humans. This window of peak fertility is especially preferred by males for short-term mating, as it maximises the probability of a brief sexual affair resulting in offspring.


Females with younger looking faces were perceived by males to be more attractive, healthy and fertile than females with older looking faces. 

The morphological appearance of female breasts may serve as a cue to age and fertility and is associated with perception of attractiveness. Firm, high breasts are associated with nubility and youth, whereas drooping and sagging breasts are associated with increased age presumably declining residual reproductive value.


Physical attractiveness and assessment of youth and health can be determined from various features of the nude body including skin qualities, fluctuating asymmetrics, fat distribution, and masculinization. Sexual access is the main reason for contacting escorts, viewing the nude escorts should provide clients with honest signals of youth, health and attractiveness.


Males wants more sex and wants more sexual partners than women. In terms of cognitive factors, men were more likely to think about sex, fantazise about sex , desire sex, have more permissive sexual attitudes. And rate their sex drives as higher than women.


Sexual conduct show a similar design as men were are more likely to be sexually aroused, masturbate, enjoy more varied sexual practices, engage in goal-directed behaviour to get sex, and have more patterns.


High priced prostitute

Many high-price prostitute are educated and belongs from a middle class families who consider prostitution as a lucrative and even glamorous profession.